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What is there to do in Pistoia over Christmas? A guide to what is happening at Christmas time. Exhibitions, concerts and shows which will all give you an even better reason for staying longer in town.

What is there to do in Pistoia over Christmas? A short guide to steer you through the rich programme available during the Christmas holidays. Exhibitions, concerts and many other events will take place just at the right time and place for when you visit this lovely Tuscan town.

Luminarias and the Christmas tree

The traditional luminarias light up the town’s streets. A warm and welcoming atmosphere of lights and colours which makes the historic centre of town even more enchanting.

New Year’s Day with the Extraliscio 

For New Year’s day, a double appointment starting at the Piccolo Teatro Mauro Bolognini at 9 p.m. with Jazz music and then, from 11 p.m. on, the Extraliscio concert – a group that defines itself as “dance hall punk” and which was discovered at the latest Sanremo Music Festival.

Cosa fare a Natale a Pistoia
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Medioevo a Pistoia

Through a selection of paintings, sculptures, metalwork and illuminated manuscripts, with important loans from abroad, the exhibition reveals the leadership of Pistoia in the fine and decorative arts during the Middle Ages. An event by Pistoia Musei and Fondazione CARIPT. Partner Comune di Pistoia, Diocesi di Pistoia.

San Jacopo e un Sant’Atto restaurati

The exhibition named San Jacopo e un Sant’Atto restaurati – Restored St. James and St. Atto – will stay open until 8th May. In the City’s Museum Sei e Settecento hall, on the top floor of the  Palazzo di Giano, two paintings on framed panels are on exhibition to the public after a careful restoration was carried out in order to return them to their former glory and which in fact lasted several months.


On 18th December, at the Museo del Novecento e del Contemporaneo di Palazzo Fabroni the exhibition #NATIVI100 will be inaugurated. It has been promoted and realized by the Municipality of Pistoia/City Museums, in collaboration with the Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci, Tempo Reale and the Eletto Arte association. This way, the centenary of the birth of the Pistoia painter Gualtiero Nativi (1921-1999), a master of abstract art in the period following the end of the Second World war, will be celebrated. Giovanna Uzzani is responsible for the exhibition which will stay open until 5th June.

Pistoia, piccola Compostela. L’Altare argenteo di San Iacopo

Open until 31st January, this exhibition offers the public life-size and striking images of the Silver Altar, carefully safeguarded in the San Zeno Cathedral. The technological and innovative images highlight even the tiniest details of this masterpiece. Guided visits can be requested.

Pistoia Piccola Compostela
Pistoia Piccola Compostela

Pistoia Novecento

Pistoia Novecento is the large-scale project dedicated to Fondazione Pistoia Musei’s permanent collection, with works from the Fondazione Caript Foundation and Intesa Sanpaolo collections, designed to provide the most thorough understanding possible of the Pistoian artistic scene in all its variations throughout the last century.

Remo Gordigiani

On the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the Pistoia artist, Remo Gordigiani, the Municipality will hold an exhibition in the Frescoed rooms of the Palazzo Comunale from Saturday 11th December to 9th January. It tells of his artistic experience pointing out not only his link to the town’s cultural context but also his relationship with art galleries and Italian critics.

Sweet home Pistoia

On Wednesday 8th December at the Teatro Manzoni Sweet home Pistoia will be presented: 40 years of Festival Blues, a book about the history of one of Italy’s longest and most famous musical events, Pistoia Blues. A concert will then follow on with artists who have been part of the Pistoia Blues’ story, such as Andy J. Forest, Fabio Treves, Nick Becattini, Franz Di Cioccio, Lucio Fabbri and many others.

Cosa fare a Natale a Pistoia
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The smallest theatre in the world

On the first Saturday of every month, OltrePistoia will let you in to discover the Teatrino Gratteschi, a late-Baroque jewel that will take you by surprise.

Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese

At the Teatro Manzoni on 22nd December, the Nuovo Balletto di Toscana and on 30th December, Neri Marcorè with his Le mie canzoni altrui. All these events are on the website Associazione Teatrale Pistoiese.

Ice skating rink

In Piazza San Francesco the ice skating rink will be coming back. A setting suitable for both children and adults who wish to spend a delightful day, being with friends while having fun out in the open air.